How to be fully present in this moment.

How to be fully present in this moment.

” First things first.”


Stay in the present moment.

Sounds pretty obvious, doesn’t it? Real simple. Even intuitive. Who’s going to argue? You do whatever is first, first, and then you go on to the next thing on your list. Easy peasy.

Then why is life passing us by? Why are we living either in the past, or in the future? Most of us have a very hard time living in The. Right. Now.

I got married this weekend. I’ve been planning the wedding, which is my second wedding, for months. (aside: You have to do the very same things for a small wedding as you do for a large wedding, i.e., flowers, food, photographer, dress, music…but you don’t have your Mother helping you! It’s the YOU show!).

The morning of my wedding day I was sitting at the table drinking coffee. It was 6 a.m. I had to get my hair and makeup done at 8:30 a.m. It was a rare moment in the day.

I said out loud to my then-fiancee, Mike: “I am going to be fully present at our wedding today. I am going to notice and stay in each moment as it happens. I’m not going to think about or worry about anything that has happened or might happen or what anybody might do or will do.”

1. State your intentions. Say it out loud. Stating your goal of being fully present In. This. Moment. will imprint it on your brain.

2. Say it to someone else. Then you have accountability. You’re on the record.

3. Take a few minutes of quiet before the event/time/situation/day/week/life begins. Sit quietly and breathe. Get ready to be intentional and live in the moment. Pray. Get your mind and heart right.

4. Take each minute, each second, each moment as it comes. Focus your eyes. Focus your breath. Turn your head toward the person talking, the action. Listen. Smile. Stay quiet until it’s your time to talk. Don’t let your mind wander to something else. Stay here. Stay right here.

5. Find joy, even the smallest measure of joy, in each word spoken, each note of music, each action occurring.

You’ll find that once you begin this practice, it will feed on itself. One second turns into the next, and you are finding your joy, your purpose, your place in each moment.

Whether you’re in a meeting, at a doctor’s appointment, eating dinner with your children or working alone in your office, stay in the Here and Now. Let yesterday go. It is already gone. Let tomorrow be, until tomorrow. Live in Today. Let everybody and everything else in your life go. Live in this Moment.

It’s all about attitude. We have 100 percent influence and control over our own attitudes.

If you can begin this practice, your life will change. For the better. Give it a try today. Right now.