What we do

Research, strategy, messaging, content development and execution.

 We get the job done for you.


E-Mail Marketing

Social Media

    • What’s your current Web profile?

    • How does your Web site look, sound and act? Does it reflect you and your organization?

    • Is your Web site telling your story effectively?

We build Web sites that tell your story.


We use platforms that allow you all the control you want to have with your Web site and allow you to organize your Web marketing in one place.


And we have a Web site development and refresh process that works.

  • Are you emailing your clients and prospects?

  • Are you staying in front of your key audiences?

  • Are you providing interesting and informative content?

  • Are you engaging and rewarding your clients and prospects?

We develop and execute email marketing tools that put you and your story in front of your clients and prospects frequently and consistently.


We wrap your products and services in compelling stories—your stories—that set you apart from your competition in a memorable way.

  • What’s your social media profile?

  • Do you have an active presence on social media?

  • What’s the difference in social media content and email marketing content?

  • Is it all overwhelming?

We help you tell your story through social media…from what you do to how you do it… funny stories, interesting stories, success stories, how-to stories, fun facts, coupons, discounts, contests, your history, pictures, videos…keeping your name and your brand in front of prospects and clients.


Direct Mail

Media Relations, Publicity

  • How are you driving traffic to your Website?

  • How are you establishing yourself as a strong voice and authority in your industry or field?

  • What are you doing right now to turn leads into sales?

Blogging can help you do all of that, and more. A consistent blog is a great branding action—you’re telling who you are and what you stand for through short stories and images that are real and informative.

  • Is direct mail a part of your marketing campaign?

  • Don’t you like to “touch and feel” the companies and organizations you work with?

Everybody else does, too. Recent studies (2011, 2013) confirm direct mail is effective—more effective in closing sales than email marketing to current customers, in fact.


Direct mail that is compelling and appealing is a key part of your overall marketing communications strategy.

  • Not sure how to tell your story to the news media?

  • Which news media?

The news media (print, video, audio and online) is hungry for information and news, and the actions you take every day in your business can meet that need.


For your best chance to be published, it’s vital to send news releases and advisories that are relevant to the publication, complete and accurate, interesting and with images.

Focus Groups


  • How do your prospects and customers make buying decisions?

  • Does your advertising work?

  • How do you need to repackage your products and services to sell more?

Terri Sterling is a Burke Institute-trained focus group moderator who will design your qualitative research study from the research objective to the final report including the research findings and marketing recommendations.

  • Are you employing a healthy mix of advertising, online and editorial to tell your story?

It’s all about the number of times you touch your current customer or prospect.


Today, information is coming at us fast and furious. You have to reach out to the customer, consistently and repetitively, to tell your story and win the business.