Just do one thing differently. Just one thing.

05 Jan Just do one thing differently. Just one thing.

It’s overwhelming to read all of the self-help diet, exercise, relationships, business, organizational….on and on…articles that surface around the turn of a New Year.justonething

If you look at the success rate of New Year’s resolutions, it’s dismal. Most of those people you saw at the gym this morning will vanish within 30 days.justonething

A very wise person told me this about two years ago, when I was struggling with changing my attitude about a painful family situation.

Just do one thing differently. Just one thing.

Those words proved to be transformational for me. Last year I created a blog and chronicled my journey of getting rid of 40 items per day for 40 days. It’s overwhelming to look around see all of the possessions I’ve accumulated; how do I simplify? Where do I start? I started during Lent with 40 items for 40 days.

Just do one thing differently.

I’m a runner. I exercise between 4 and 5 days a week. I’ve got the exercise habit down pat. What I don’t have down pat is the food habit.

And last week I heard a statistic that continues to echo in my brain: It’s 80 percent the food, and 20 percent the exercise. Ugh. I have to do something different about the food. It’s overwhelming—you mean no more M&Ms? So just for today, I said no to the cereal and yes to a hard-boiled egg for breakfast.

Just one thing.

It’s the first day of the real get-back-to-work week for all of us. We’re raring to go! How can we be more successful and more productive in this New Year? How can we gain more clients? How can we make more money? Questions and energy and goals swirl.

Today, I began my day with five minutes of silence. Then, I moved my desk in my office. I moved it about 2 feet and turned it in another direction.

Just one thing.

So…read all of the articles, and take what you like, leaving the rest behind. Then, pick one thing to start doing today.

Just one thing. All of us, changing just one thing, are unstoppable.